When you are searching the Web: 

How much time do you expend at the Spanish pages? Are there something of your interest that you can't access? Did you saw some pictures and feel a frustration because you can't read the descriptions? Do you read Spanish? if you can't do it, had you tought that more than 500 millions of Spanish people feel the same way with the English pages?.

 They avoid your site, don't access your ads and messages. Someone would like to buy your product but How can they do it?. 

Make it easy for them!

I can help you translating your pages to Spanish,  you can see some pages I had translate at http://www.scs.leeds.ac.uk/pfaf/index.html, there are 20 pages.

Translate your Web pages, and documents.

 Ask for a quote!

There are many people without access to your Website! They don't understand English!

Translate your Web site!

Look for some examples. See some "Español" pages I have translated,

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